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Functional Testing

In functional testing we check the overall features of the app and tally with the shared requirements.

  • Unit & Smoke testing
  • Regression & Sanity testing
  • Localization testing
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Integration Testing

Any Development Project At GlobalInfo Technologies Has An Integral Testing Part Within. Before We Release Your Software, It Goes Through A Testing Process To Ensure It Is Working Properly.

  • Web services, Data formats
  • Message protocols, API
  • Third-party software
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Security Testing

Our QA engineers confirm that your app does not face any security concerns like data loss, malware etc.

Why we hire testers from GlobalInfo Technologies

When you choose to outsource our software product testing services, you get a highly efficient team with host of business benefits

PREFERRED QUALITY:We test your software in various ways in order to maintain quality so that it is safe from the upcoming markets threats.

BUSINESS OPTIMISATION: Our quality assurance makes your software better and help you to optimize your business in terms of customer satisfaction.

FULL-FUNCTIONALITY: Our dedicated testers bring out the fullest of your software and make sure they worth every penny.

ENHANCED AUTOMATION: Our testers take 30% less time and focus more on automation. We ensure upto 65% of automation levels.

REDUCED COST: When we test your software, it becomes nearly flawless and intern reduces the future maintenance cost.

INTEGRITY & TRANSPARENCY: Your idea is safe with us as we respect your secrecy, work transparently and our testers follow NDA throughout the process.